Ford Brand is Most Trusted in America, According to Reader's Digest

Lately, everyone at our dealership is in a great mood.  The reason may be the pride and excitement we feel about Ford, which has recently been named one of Reader's Digest most trusted brands.
We can't help but tell the good news to everyone that comes in -- right before showing them the vehicles that earned the company that recognition, of course.
Our love for Ford is nothing new, but it's great to receive validation from such a respected publication.
Every year, Reader's Digest asks over 5000 people in America to vote for the brands they trust the most across 40 categories.  By earning a spot among the best of each category, Ford cements its rightful place as one of the most meaningful brands for people all across the country.
Whether it's because of their astonishing durability or on-road performance, it's clear that Ford vehicles have earned a very special place in the heart of many Americans.
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