The 2017 Ford Super Duty Takes The Driving Experience to Another Level

It's impossible to deny that we would all like to be a catered to a little bit more in life. For all the hard work you put in you know you deserve it, and the makers of the all new 2017 Ford Super Duty took note of that. They seamlessly blended that rugged toughness that Ford is known for, with an element that feels a lot like a personal concierge.

Though invisible, the level of above and beyond service can still be felt. The active motion massage feature on the seats will help relax you after a long day of constantly moving and getting things done. The customizable cup holder in the front seat can hold up to four cups, which is great for when you're bringing drinks back for big groups. You can visit us to see what we mean. Also, check out the video in this post to find out what other features you'll love.
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