The 2017 Ford C-Max is the Ideal Family Vehicle

Finding a comfortable vehicle with safety features can prove to be challenging. Most drivers prefer a vehicle their family can love. Understanding the need for safety and spacious features, Ford introduced the new 2017 Ford C-Max. Bridging the gap between safety and storage, the new 2017 C-Max incorporates a host of different features. These new features and functions helped make the C-Max one of the safest vehicles on the road.

The 7 airbag system in the C-Max is highly advanced. Differing from traditional airbags, the C-Max airbags include specialized head and knee protection. In the case of a collision or airbag deployment, the new SOS Post Crash Alert will be activated. You and your family can rely on a vehicle designed to seek assistance in the event of a collision.

This spacious vehicle also offers parallel parking assistance. Drivers can enjoy a stress free and hands-free parking system. Once parked, drivers can store personal items in the second row storage compartment. Using safety and store as an anchor, the 20w7 C-Max is the ideal family vehicle.
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