Summer has come to Watchung, NJ, and those enjoying our local parks are getting a reminder of why it's called the Garden State. Many families are determined to take advantage the fair weather, and strike out on a road trip this season.

Before you pack up your spacious new Ford truck or SUV, however, the AAA recommends drivers take a few precautions:

  • Pack an emergency kit
  • Check the condition of your tires, and spare tire
  • Have your battery inspected
  • Focus on the road while driving—no texting or phone calls
  • Change lanes to give room to emergency vehicles on the side of the road
  • If your car is breaking down, turn on four-way flashers and pull off the road

"Summer heat takes a toll on vehicles, causing overheating engines, tire blowouts and dead batteries," said Cliff Ruud, managing director of AAA Automotive. "Having a disabled vehicle is a stressful and dangerous situation, which is why AAA urges drivers to stock an emergency kit, have their battery tested and inspect tires to make certain their cars are in road-ready condition."

To make sure your road trip remains accident-free, schedule a service appointment with Liccardi Ford Inc. first!

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