The 2020 Ford Fusion is a stylish and popular full-size sedan that is capable of transporting up to five passengers comfortably.

2020 Ford Fusion Safety

The car makers at Ford are well known for producing vehicles that uphold high standards of safety. The 2020 Ford Fusion sedan lives up to this fine tradition with its inclusion of a wide variety of safety promoting tools and tricks. Among these safety and security features are cameras, individual safety systems, and driver awareness supports to keep you and your loved ones on the roads of Watchung.

The 2020 Fusion gives Edison drivers a helping hand with the addition of a rearview camera system. This specialized camera system can come in handy during risky and potentially dangerous moments such as reversals and parallel parks. Plus, the rear-view camera system works hand-in-hand with the BLIS to give drivers yet another level of awareness.

The new Fusion also provides both operators and passengers extra protection in the form of personal safety systems. Ford’s proprietary personal safety measures include important refinement like seatbelts that slightly pre-tension during impact. By doing so, these innovative seatbelts can cushion impact forces and reduce the odds of occupant injuries.

Enjoy Your Choice of Fusion Power

Despite its power, interior space, and roomy sedan size, the 2020 Ford Fusion nevertheless works hard to provide operators with very respectable levels of fuel efficiency. To this end, the Fusion gives operators their choice of fuel sources and power. These sources include gas-powered, hybrid, and hybrid-electric.

The gas-powered 2020 Fusion engines come in both 2.0L and 1.5-liter Eco Boost varieties. Drivers can enjoy specialized internal features such as variable cam timing and turbochargers. Gas-powered models can attain a combined 25-mpg city and highway mileage as you drive around Piscataway Township.

The 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid version takes fuel efficiency to the next level with its blend of electric motors and 2.0-liter backup gas power plants. These and other proprietary features combine to give this version a combined mileage of 42-mpg.

Westfield, NJ drivers who are looking for even more fuel efficiency will enjoy the marathon-like performance of the 2020 Fusion Plug-in Hybrid. This version of the Fusion power plant allows drivers to select electric, gas power, or combination. In all-electric mode, drivers can enjoy a city spanning 26 miles of service between charges. That said, this range greatly expands in EV Mode, which offers vehicle occupants a combined 103-mpg.

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