The warmer months are great for family outings around Watchung, and that means more mileage for your car. Our team at Liccardi Ford recommends a few simple tips that will keep your car running smoothly during the summer. These tips may also help you avoid costly repairs. Read on to learn more!

Car Maintenance in Summer

Heat has the ability to affect the performance of your car negatively. Extreme temperatures can put stress on a car's battery, air conditioning system, and radiator. Routine maintenance is essential if you want to avoid heat-related problems around Edison.

Before summer reaches a peak, have service performed on your radiator. A flush-and-fill will remove any debris that may have accumulated in the radiator over the winter, and it will also replace coolant. Some car owners think the coolant is only needed in the winter. It should also be used in the summer to prevent overheating.

Bringing your car in for battery service near Piscataway Township is also a good idea. The trained technicians at our service center can check your car's battery and make sure it is working properly. Signs that you may need a new battery include difficulty starting your vehicle.

You should also have your car's air conditioning serviced before the weather gets hot. Air conditioning in a vehicle can take a beating during the summer, so make sure it is in working order with preventative maintenance.

Summer Car Care in Watchung

Other things that you should consider during the summer include washing your vehicle regularly. Applying a protectant can also help to safeguard your car's finish. We invite you down to Liccardi Ford, where you can learn more about summer car care. You can also schedule a multi-point inspection with our service center. These inspections will identify any areas in your car that need immediate attention. We look forward to working with you soon!

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