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Your tires are possibly one of the most important parts to your Ford car, truck or SUV. It is literally where the rubber meets the road for spirited performance where ever you go. But not all tires are the same and your Ford F-150 will need different tires than your Ford Mustang or Focus. Luckily, here at Liccardi Ford, we have an amazing staff of knowledgeable professionals to help you find the right tires for your Ford. We also have a team of certified Ford technicians to ensure your tires are delivering safe and reliable performance.

Proper Tire Care:

We have all heard that sticking a penny in the tire treads to see if you can see Lincoln's head is how you can tell if your tires are in good condition. 

This is a good way to check your tires are home but is not the best way to determine safe and reliable performance. When it comes to your tires there are several services that go a long way to extending the life and performance of your tires. 

Having your tires rotated regularly is one way that you can guarantee smooth performance and even tread wear. We recommend having your tires rotated a few times a year depending on your driving habits. 

Front tires often wear down faster than rear tires and the treads don't always wear down evenly.

Another vital service for your tires is to have your wheels aligned. If you feel that your car, truck or SUV is pulling to one side, feels loose or you feel a vibration your alignment could be off. 

Alignment is not as common as having your tires rotated but is done when you get a new set of tires, after a collision or when swapping your seasonal tires. Like rotating your tires, proper wheel alignment ensures smooth performance and even tire tread wear.

In addition to proper tire tread depth, bulges or cracks in the side wall are other signs of tire damage. 

If your sidewall is damaged you will need to bring your Ford into Liccardi Ford right away as you run the risk of a blowout. To schedule, an appointment give us a call or you can easily make an appointment online.

Different Types Of Tires:

  • Summer: The most common type of tires are summer tires. They are made from stiffer rubber that handles summer heat and the tread pattern is designed to push water away from the center of the tires for better traction.

  • Snow/Winter: Made from softer rubber winter tires are designed to handle cold winter temps better by not hardening in the cold. Snow tires also feature deep treads to provide better traction in snow and rain.

  • All-Season: All-season tires are exactly what their name indicates, they can be used all year round. They are the perfect option for drivers who don't want to swap their tires over as the seasons change. All-season tires are capable of handling both summer heat and cold winters.

  • Performance: Performance tires can also be called low profile tires and will enhance your Ford Mustang's thrilling performance. Performance tires feature large tread blocks to make maximum contact with dry road for gripping performance. They are designed to handle higher speeds and corner well. However, they do wear down faster than regular tires.

  • Truck: It goes without saying that truck tires are for your Ford F-150 or Super-Duty. Truck tires feature larger side walls and can handle heavier loads. Which is ideal for towing and hauling.

  • All-Terrain: If you are taking the road less traveled all-terrain tires for your SUV provide ideal performance on and off-road. These tires are thicker than regular tires to handle obstacles you may encounter when off-roading.


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