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The Service Center at Liccardi Ford can do all the Maintenance and Service for your Vehicle

Whenever you need an in-depth repair or routine service appointment, coming to Liccardi Ford in Watchung, NJ, is your best choice. Our team of expert mechanics will be able to do an oil change, coolant flush, air conditioner repair, replace muffler, state inspections, and more, making sure you can have the best access to all of the most essential services. We want you to have the best experience with everything that your vehicle will need, and we are sure our team will be able to do that.

Oil Change

Motor oil is responsible for lubricating the vital moving parts of your engine, and keeps it from overheating due to all of that friction. It's simply inevitable that this oil will eventually wear out and break down over time, so routine oil changes are crucial for maintaining the correct function of your powertrain.

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Brake Service

Brakes are the only thing that allows you to stop your vehicle on a dime when you need to the most, and they too will wear out after enough use. Don't take a chance when it comes to your brake pads, brake discs, brake drums or brake rotors, and be sure to have them inspected if you hear any strange noises when you hit the brakes.

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Tire Repair & Replacement

Whether you've recently scraped up against a curb, or your tire-tread level has been reduced to an unsafe point, it's important that your tires are always spinning safely. Our service team can perform a tire rotation, wheel alignment, tire replacement, installation, and even provide you with season-specific tires if you'd like.

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Battery Inspection

It is a nightmare to realize that your battery is dead on a cold morning in New Jersey when you're trying to get to the office, especially since it's so easy to avoid. Typically, your battery will unfortunately not give you much a warning if it is reaching the end of its lifespan soon, so play it safe and let us make sure that doesn't happen to you.

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments ensure that all your wheels point in the right direction and that they are properly aligned per factory specifications. Normal driving eventually pushes your wheels out of alignment, and even a slight variation can cause issues over time.

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Exhaust System Service

It is actually quite common for vehicles to need a new muffler, catalytic converter, and other exhaust components replaced after enough time. While those unwanted exhaust fumes and the excessive noise that a faulty exhaust makes may seem like a big problem, for us, it's no issue.

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Transmission Service

You may need transmission service if you notice some new noises, or are having issues with your transmission. We recommend looking out for hard shifting, slipping or chattering when you go to shift, and even just abnormal resistance from shifting gears.

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Coolant System

Coolant system service is a great way to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape. This service consists of draining and refilling the cooling system of your vehicle. We will fill your vehicles system with fresh antifreeze, and utilize only the highest quality of products.

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Warning Lights

On your dashboard lives a collection of warning lights that you will definitely want to check out. These warning light can alert you to a myriad of things that may be going wrong with your vehicle. Of course, some are very urgent, and some are not. If any of your warning lights are going off, it could be time for some simple routine maintenance.

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Multi-Point Inspection

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more often you'll want to have your vehicle inspected by a trained professional. At Laccardi Ford, the long-term benefit of scheduling routine multi-point inspections for your Ford is increasing its longevity and durability.

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AC Service

Air conditioner servicing is actually a truly vital part of servicing your model. When it comes to this servicing, we are the experts that you can trust. We will inspect the system, and then test it to see if there are any leaks or damage to the system, this way we can assess the situation, and make a plan for repair.

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There is no reason to settle for anything below the best when it comes to everything you want from your vehicle. Our team offers reliable and efficient work, making sure your vehicle will live the longest life that it can. When you want the best, you need to choose the best; our service technicians have all the most recent certifications and the most advanced equipment, making them the best.

When you need Ford Servicing near Watchung, NJ, Liccardi Ford is the place for you. We do more than just speak our Liccardi Promise, we live by it. Our team will make sure that we can do everything possible to help you, keeping everything we do transparent and clear. Visit us soon to see what we can do for you!

Our Service Department wants every process as easy as possible, including allowing you to schedule your service appointments online.

A simple form taking contact, appointment, and service information is all that stands between you and the best performance from your vehicle.

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What Type of Car-Care Do You Need To Keep Your Vehicle Happy & Healthy?

Regardless of the particular service or maintenance that is required for your car, you can always count on the certified technicians working here in Watchung to take excellent care of you. Thanks to extensive training, a wealth of experience, cutting-edge servicing tools, and a steady commitment to nothing less than above-and-beyond results for our customers, there truly is no need to look any further than our dealership if your Ford needs work.

So, what type of service or repair are you actually looking for? Many drivers living throughout the greater Watchung, Edison, Piscataway Township and Westfield areas will wisely choose to work with Liccardi Ford whenever they run into trouble with their car, and we encourage you to do the same!

We'll do everything we can to keep your ride running smoothly and safely for many miles to come down the road, and below you can check out just some of the many services that our team offers.

  • Electrical System Maintenance Whether you are having issues with a headlight, lightbulb, fuse, your sound system, power generator, electric power steering, windshield wipers, power windows, defroster, or even your air conditioning, stop by our dealership so we can take a look and shed some light on the situation for you.
  • Fuel System Maintenance Another necessary service that must be addressed routinely is replacing the fuel pump and filter. If you have a long commute and often are driving a lot of miles, then this quick and easy job becomes even more important for the health and safe-driving of your car.
  • Air Conditioning Repair Speaking of your AC system, this can face some complicated issues that go well beyond just electronics. A leak in the air conditioning system can be caused by heavy vibrations, which occur just by normal, everyday driving. Hitting the road on a hot summer day is not an ideal time to discover your AC system needs attention.
  • Transmission Repair It's incredibly dangerous to experience a failed transmission system when you are behind the wheel. We'll be happy to inspect your transmission here, so you can stay safe as you shift gears and drive around Watchung, Edison, Piscataway Township and Westfield.
  • Ignition System Repair Like we just mentioned, a dead battery will leave you stranded in your driveway or in a parking lot. However, an ignition system that is not working properly can also cause a car that just refuses to start. It's an easy fix to catch the problem ahead of time.

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